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For The Love of the Benz.

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For those able to turn their passions into careers, the likely hood of them ever getting bored at work is slim to none. These people are a rare breed, and will be the first the tell you that doing something you love makes your life a whole lot easier. This is JG Francis, the owner of a Los Angeles based Mercedes-Benz classic restoration shop that specializes in vintage Mercedes-Benz diesels. JG grew up next to a Mercedes-Benz mechanic, which meant that he knew that he wanted to be involved with these old beasts at a very young age. Keep in mind that seeing cars like a Mercedes-Benz 240D with 300,000 miles on them is not an uncommon sight, as they truly can run indefinitely with the proper maintenance. JG Francis is acutely aware of this, and thus has carved out a nice little niche for himself as one of the top name restorers for vintage Mercedes-Benz’s in the Unites States.

Source: ralfbecker.com

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