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AutoGuide: 2013 Ford Focus ST Review

Posted in Best of, Domestic Rides, Ford, General, Rides by MrAngry | August 11th, 2012 | 1 Response |

2013 Ford Focus ST

The MINI Cooper Coupe JCW, Mazda Speed3 and Volkswagen GTI. Hot hatchbacks that are based on their econo-box brothers. In the past 10 years the market on these little powerhouses has exploded here in the U.S. and because of this manufacturers are doing all they can into making you believe they’ve got the best product. The most recent entry into the mini-war is Ford’s all new 2013 Ford Focus ST. It’s a global car which means it’s sold all over the world and according to Ford it’s going to be HUGE. Autoguide.com recently got their hands on one, did a full review and came away with the result we all hoped for – that this thing is one helluva good car! Click through and check it out.

Source: Youtube.com

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One Response

  1. KC French says:

    I had the opportunity to test drive the Focus ST at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, but my boss wouldn’t let me take the day off. I was more bummed than a monkey wearing a diaper….