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Fly Like A Bird: Jetman Flies The Grand Canyon

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Since the dawn of time man has dreamt of flying like a bird. Some have tried (and failed miserably) while others have simply sat on the bench and wondered. Swiss pilot Yves Rossy though is not such an individual, in fact he’s the first human in history to fly by means of utilizing a jet-propelled wing. Rossy developed a deployable 3m-span carbon wing and fitted it with 4 small jet engines. The wing is maneuvered by utilizing simple bodily inputs for controls which allows Rossy to not only pilot the wing, but do an assortment of aerial stunts. His latest adventure in May 2011, took him to the Grand Canyon in Arizona where he piloted the wing over some of the most picturesque terrain the world has to offer.

See more at Jetman.com.

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One Response

  1. Daring and thrilling.I have never seen anything like this in long time.