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Flame Thrower For Your Bike? Yes, Please.

Posted in Bizarre, Car Accessories, General, Motorcycle, Scooters by Kurt Ernst | March 25th, 2010 | 4 Responses |

Photo: Geoff Robinson Photography

Colin Furze is a genius, and his name shall henceforth be muttered with the hallowed tones generally reserved for Steve McQueen, Carrol Shelby, Q or your favorite porn star. Why? Because Furze, tired of tailgating motorists, invented a button-activated flamethrower for his scooter. It sprays flame up to 15 feet, plenty good enough to get the attention of even the most idiotic drivers. Not cool enough? His flamethrower is adjustable for angle, to get the perfect pitch for your opponent’s windshield.

Video after the jump.

Furze, a plumber by trade, developed the prototype using a BMX bicycle. His design was so effective, he naturally built the variable pitch model for use on his scooter. Sure it’s illegal, but Furze assures the authorities that he’ll only use it off road. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

I hope he licenses the design, because it sounds like the perfect remedy for cell phone lobotomized, mouth-breathing tailgaters. I already know how to make napalm, so maybe I’ll just get to work on a version of my own. Does anyone have a metal lathe and a spare scuba tank I can borrow?

Source: Daily Mail, via Neatorama. Video from TwoWheelsBlog.

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4 Responses

  1. DaveMofo says:

    This would throw my town (DFW) into a flaming tizzy. Pardon the pun…

  2. Kurt says:

    Down here (Jacksonville, FL), I don’t think anyone would notice. I’d just explain it as a ‘backfire from bad gas’.

  3. DaveMofo says:

    Hah! I was running a little rich on the R6 and was getting a pretty good flame and backfire. Does that count?

  4. Kurt says:

    Here? No problem.