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Fisker-Fighting Inizio, Wave EV Coming To New York Auto Show


At the 2009 New York Auto Show next month, North Carolina-based automotive engineering firm EV Innovations will join the ranks of hybrid supercars like the Fisker Karma and Tesla Roadster with the introduction of the Inizio EVS and Wave EV. The decidedly more performance-oriented of the two, the Inizio EVS is mid-engined roadster powered by an alternating-current induction motor and an advanced lithium-ion battery pack similar in both concept and function to the propulsion systems used by the Tesla Roadster. Supposedly, the Inizio EVS is capable of jettisoning from 0-60mph in 4 seconds flat before redlining at 170 mph. While we don’t know exactly how much horsepower we can expect from the green monster, we do know that the Inizio EVS tips the scale at a whopping 2,400 lbs and with that kind of weight, it’s safe to assume the Inizio is using a heavy-duty polyphase AC induction system and could conceivably deliver somewhere in the neighborhood of 300+ horsepower. Priced at $139,000, the Inizio EVS is not a hybrid for the casual environmentalist, but EV Innovations didn’t forget the needs of the common man.

Debuting alongside the Inizio EVS in New York next month will also be the hybrid plug-in Wave EV. Featuring a top speed of 80mph, the Wave EV is decidedly less track-ready than the Inizio EVS but does boast an impressive 170-mile range average as well as a significantly more budget-friendly $34,900 price tag.

Currently accepting deposits, EV Innovations expects to begin delivery of both vehicles in early 2010.

Source: 4WheelsNews

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