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First Smart EV hits the streets in Maryland.

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Smart Electric

I suppose it should come as no surprise that Smart, maker of the little ForTwo micro car, ,as finally launched their first electric vehicle in the United States. It’s based on the mini Fortwo, but ditches its regular 1.0-liter, 70 HP, 3-cylinder gas engine for a 30 kilowatt electric motor and lithium-ion battery. The electric motor is said to make the equivalent of about 40 hp with the battery taking about 3.5 hours to return an 85% fill rate. Smart recently delivered its first electric ForTwo to one Mindy Kimball of Silver Spring, Maryland. The car is one of a fleet of 250 vehicles that Smart is leasing to select individuals and municipal / corporate fleets in an attempt to work on the cars technology while in the field. Right now it’s said that the little Smart EV is good for about 98 miles on a full charge. It also has a claimed top speed of about 62 mph, which is just fast enough to get you rear-ended on the Long Island Expressway when a tractor trailer comes barreling down on you. Hmm… for some reason I think I’ll be waiting awhile before I put in my order.

Source: Wired.com

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2 Responses

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  2. 62 mph? I think it would be illegal to drive a car that slow in CA. People here go 60 mph on inside streets in some areas. People drive 80 mph on the fwy; you’re going to cause road rage and everyone will be mad at you if you drive on the freeway driving under 62 mph. Cute cars are not my thing. I could never drive a car that would need to be charged ever 90 miles or so; I would never get anywhere and spend too much time charging up.