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Firefly Challenges the Lithium Ion as the Battery of Tomorrow

Posted in Alt Fuels, Car Tech, Electric Cars, Emissions by will bee | July 24th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

The electronics industry and the hybrid auto makers have been working franticly on improving the Lithium batteries to improve their charge and to keep them cool. The hybrid markets future seems to be hinging on the Lithium Ion batteries success and potential affordability. But there is still hope for the Lead Acid battery yet.

Firefly Energy is working on a new recipe for the Lead Acid Battery that may bring new life to those heavy batteries of today. Their idea is to replace the Lead in the battery with a Carbon Graphite Foam. The result is a lighter and smaller battery with a longer lifespan. While the Carbon Graphite battery may still cost more than its Lead Acid cousin it should still cost considerably less than the Lithium Ion and the Nickel battery.

There are certain technologies whose use, although wasteful and polluting (ie. the cumbustion engine), will still be in use decades from now. Despite the yearning for electric cars the gasoline engines in the cars of today and yesterday are still going to be around and will need to be fed. Alternatives like ethanol and bio-diesel and the conversion kits to make them usable in older machines may help extend the lives of our beloved combustion engine. So may be the future of the Acid battery. As 90% of all Lead Acid batteries in the U.S. are recycled those batteries returning to the market can be fitted with their Carbon Graphite replacements for a lengthy reincarnation.

The future is now and the next evolution of the Automotive Revolution is just getting charged up (a pun filled day indeed).


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