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Fifth Gear Sacrifices Ford Focus at 120 mph

Posted in Domestic Rides, Educational, Ford, General, Rides, Videos by MrAngry | October 22nd, 2011 | 9 Responses |

Ford Focus Crash Test

For most people the idea of getting in their car and driving from point A to point B is no big deal. We get on the open road and generally cruise at speeds of 60-80 mph without a care in the world. We also rarely think about the fact that we’re piloting a two-ton metal missile that has the capacity to do some major damage if things go astray. Fifth Gear recently decided to hit us with a blast of reality when they rigged a stunt designed to show us just how dangerous our cars can be when driven irresponsibly. The car in question was a little Ford Focus with the speed set at 120 mph. The outcome is not only catastrophic, but eye-opening as the devastation that occurs is simply astounding. Click through for the video.

Source: Youtube.com

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9 Responses

  1. Set says:

    Bloody hell. I think that’s all that needs to be said about that.

  2. djrosa says:

    now im all for a big bang but a crash like that is highlt unlikely since that means you both have to be aimed totaly straight head on. im not saying that you would survive if you wherent straight head on but there would be a little less dammage since the energy would be directed in more directions and therefore dissapate with less damage.

    and i dont think someting like that is going to change my driving style since when i drive fast i do it where there are dividers that make sure that a head on is almost impossible and aslong as your awake you wont rearend anyone, ive been doing 140mph on the swedish highway and still been able to get down to 50 mph when a moron held that in the fast lane

    • Pedro says:

      Buddy, not being moralistic about your driving, but, what makes you think that at 140 mph you wouldn’t fly over a divider? Takes as little as an unsuitable tyre. Unless you have a top sports car, most vehicles simply weren’t designed to offer safety at those speeds, regardless of how well you drive. My suggestion: drive fast when you’re alone; on the road and on your car. Until then, I hope you keep being a lucky man. All the best.

  3. will says:

    Maybe things are different in Sweden, but here it’s the guy doing 140mph thats the moron.

  4. chris says:

    the only video starring a ford focus i have ever liked…is this one crashing it. i’ll admit the car is cute, but that’s about it…

  5. andrea says:

    Why is it the person going slower than you is a moron. Heaven forbid they do the speed limit.
    To the swedish meatball, you are doing 140 so the impact would be even greater. Even PROFESSIONAL drivers have accidents, BTW
    I have yet to see a car smash into a solid barrier on the highway but I have seen enough near headons and dead people to know you Sir, are an ass.

  6. Dan719 says:

    Am I missing some math theory here? Driving a car into a stationary wall is the same as hitting head on at 120 mph? I assumed you meant that each car was doing 120 mph. How can a stationary wall be representing a car traveling at you at 120 mph?

    Perhaps you are talking about 2 cars, each doing 60 mph, for a combined speed of 120 mph?

    • Dan says:

      Since the wall is stationary it exerts the exact same force back to the car. It’s Newtons third law, equal and opposite reactions.

  7. logan says:

    wow this makes me feel god my mom drives that almost exact same car