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Fiat may launch Abarth brand

Posted in Fiat by davidallen | August 3rd, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

With the launch of the Fiat 500, things have begun to take for changes to take place, the most significant being the re-introduction of the Abarth branding for the little car and the Punto. But now it would appear that the chiefs at the Fiat Company are thinking of launching Abarth as a single stand alone business.

For fans of Fiat and Abarth this is truly a great move and it does only stop with the 500 and Punto models, there has been a clear indication that there is a real possibility that Abarth will be getting their own exclusive models which is really going to be something special.

fiat abarth

If this does actually come through, the new business can be vaguely compared with Lexus, but instead of going down the luxury route, Abarth will take the sports route.

For Fiat this would herald a new era of car technology and styling, creating a new sports marque under the Abarth banner will attract many people who would not have normally even given Fiat another look, which is good for business and more importantly offers the market place a new a sports brand.

Abarth was founded by Karl Abarth in Turin in 1949, the company developed racing cars which competed in many different classes during the 1960’s, but it was when they started to build parts for road cars that Fiat took an interest, taking the brand over in 1971.

Could this be the return of Abarth in its own right, nearly sixty years after the company was first formed?

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