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FIA WRC Debut$ On Di$covery HD Theater, Free On WRC TV

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By now, if you’re a filthy Western fan of rallying you’ve probably already heard the news that Discovery HD Theater is bringing the FIA World Rally Championship stateside for our viewing pleasure. Scheduled to kick off Sunday October 4 with a 6-hour “World Rally Madness” marathon, Discovery HD Theater will air footage from each new rally every Sunday night at 8 PM ET from October 11 through December 20, 2009. The bad news? Despite the slightly misleading nomenclature, Discovery HD Theater is not the same Discovery Channel you tune into every night for your Dirty Jobs fix, and unless you shelled out an extra arm and a leg for the Super Channel Blowout Bonanza package, you probably don’t get it. Thanks to Al Gore, though, it doesn’t matter.

Presumably predicting that the majority of their fans wouldn’t have enough scratch leftover for premium cable after the monthly payment on their STi cleared, WRC TV generously provides full, live broadcast of all the rallies completely free at WRC.com. So suck it, HD Theater.

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