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FIA Abolishes New F1 Scoring System Amid Outcry

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On March 17, 2009, Formula One governing body, the Federation International de l’Automobile (FIA), announced that the winner of the world championship would no longer be chosen by the traditional points-scoring method, but rather by the number of wins accumulated during the 2009 season. Outraged, the Formula One Teams’ Association immediately spoke out in disfavor of the new law, asserting that the FIA failed to receive a unanimous agreement in favor of the new regulation before passing it into law, leaving the FIA in stark violation of the regulations outlined by the World Motorsports Council. In light of the overwhelming opposition presented by the FOTA who was clearly not in full agreement of the decision, the World Motorsport Council ordered the FIA to postpone the implementation of the new scoring system until 2010.

Although it is unclear how the specific terms of the legislation will change given the staunch opposition, the delay in ratification of the new law will presumably allow the FOTA and FIA to reach a favorable compromise.

Source: Autocar

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