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Ferrari to build 599 Roadster for 2011

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2011 Ferrari 599 Roadster

Carmagazine.co.uk is reporting that Ferrari’s next new model will be none other than a Roadster version of the V12 powered 599. Ferrari chairman Luca de Montezemolo said, “A lot of our clients are saying they want an open, 12-cylinder car with very sporty performance. At Pebble Beach, we will present this car”. When you think about it the Pebble Beach Concours is only a few months away which means that Ferrari must already have a working prototype of the car. Montzemolo also said, “It’s a car I like very much. As usual we will make it in low numbers for collectors. It’s beautiful, a car to enjoy at a particular time of life”… not sure what time of life that may be. Middle age, old age, new age… hell, I think anyone at any age will be more than capable of enjoying a 612 hp V12 Ferrari drop-top.

2011 Ferrari 599 Roadster

2011 Ferrari 599 Roadster
The 2004 575 Superamerica was Ferrari’s last 12-cylinder convertible back in 2004 and utilized a pivoting flip-top glass roof, but there is no word as of yet if the new 599 Roadster will house the same system. My bet is that it has something similar to the fold away hard top used on the Ferrari California. Since I’ll be attending this years Pebble Beach Concours I’ll make sure to get some top notch pictures for you guys, so stay tuned.

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