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Ferrari redesigns Santa’s sleigh.

Posted in Concept Cars, Custom, Ferrari by MrAngry | December 17th, 2010 | 1 Response |

It seems that if you’re rich enough or have some celebrity status that getting to the right people in car companies is not that big of an issue. Jay Leno for example can always get to the front of the line when it comes to GM, as can Jerry Seinfeld when it comes to Porsche. What if however you want to access what is probably the worlds most famous automaker – Ferrari. Well if your name happens to be Santa Claus, then hell, you’ve got no problem. For 2011 the design team in Maranello has seen fit to give the fat mans sleigh an overhaul and in doing so have ditched the reindeer component entirely. The new sleigh is low-slung with a fighter-jet style cockpit and beautifully sculpted skies. Ferrari has yet to release any suspension or propulsion specs, but we’re figuring that they should be good as it’s going to take more than milk and cookies to get Father Christmas off the ground. Now, while I love the concept, I do have to ask one question… where the hell do the toys go? Seriously, this sucker has no interior storage whatsoever which could pose a big problem for the big man come Christmas Eve.

Source: Carmagazine.co.uk

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