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Ferrari P4/5 Competizione to Revive NART Team?


If James Glickenhaus gets his way, NART, Ferrari’s North American Racing Team, might be making a comeback. If you don’t know the name, you probably know about his custom Ferrari P4/5, a rebodied Ferrari Enzo one-off that he commissioned from Pininfarina. Now Glickenhaus has dropped to the media that he wants to build another P4/5 car, a “competizione” version, and take it racing, reviving the idea of an American Ferrari team running factory-supported World Sportscar Championship-type cars for the first time since 1973.

<i>The original P4/5.</i>

The original P4/5.

It’s all a lot of speculation (especially the computer rendering of the blue NART P4/5 – no prototype has been produced yet) at this point, but hey, if Glickenhaus can get Pininfarina to custom-build him a car, and it turns out as gorgeous as the P4/5 did, we think he’s capable of getting some cars built and lining up drivers. That being said, it will be hard to beat the NART boys, as the team was a legendary factory-supported effort that employed Mario Andretti and Phil Hill to drive the latest Ferraris at races around the world.


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  1. f4t says:

    Im all for it if they take right and left turns.