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Ferrari P4/5 Competizione: QUE BELLA’!

Posted in Cool Stuff, Corner Carvers, Custom, Ferrari, General, Racing by MrAngry | August 3rd, 2010 | 1 Response |

Ferrari P45 Glickenhaus

Jim Glickenhaus, owner of the one off custom Ferrari P4/5 is actually located not to far from me. In fact I’ve seen the P4/5 in person a number of times and while it may not be my overall cup of tea, there is no denying that the car is a sight to behold. The rendering that you see here is a racing version of the P4/5 that is being built specifically to compete in next years 24-hours of the Nürburgring, and thanks to the guys at Jalopnik, we all get to take a look an see what it’s going to look like.

The cars suspension and drivetrain are said to be from an F430 GT2 ALMS car, but the big key in the project is going to be converting the car back to road use after the running of the 24-hours of the Nürburgring, something Glickenhaus hopes to accomplish.

Source: Jalopnik.com

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  1. […] is finally complete and undergoing testing. Looks wise the car is just as stunning as the original renderings we brought you back in August. The 2011 24 Hours Nürburgring is scheduled to run mid-June, which […]