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Ferrari lounger brings speed to the stationary.

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Ferrari Chair

You’re probably like the rest of the humans on this planet in that you’ve always dreamed of opening up the garage door and seeing that prancing horse. Well, you can’t have that… sorry, BUT what I can do for you is direct you to where you can get a piece of a Ferrari for a fraction of the cost of the entire car. You see Dave Clark Designs produces some very cool pieces of furniture based on some of the most amazing automotive designs ever to come into existence. Want a coffee table made from an engine block and pistons… no problem. How about bar stools made from old Formula 1 parts… yep, that’s no problem either. In fact this guy looks as though he can make just about anything from an old high performance automobile.

Ferrari Chair

Dave Clark is an industrial designer with over 20 years experience in mechanical engineering and product design and this little business of his is the combination of his love for design and his passion for anything automotive. Take a look at his website to see more of his automotive inspired creations.

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