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Ferrari keeps customers waiting

Posted in Ferrari, General by davidallen | May 9th, 2007 | 1 Response |

It has been a long tradition of what is probably the most famous and desirable sports car brand Ferrari to have a waiting list for customers; it is how the business of brand creation started. First you need a high end product, then create desirability by using motor sport and glamorous locations and then offer the product for sale, but with a catch, the price is high so only an elite can afford it, but there is a problem, to the so called elite money is no object, so this creates another problem for the likes of Ferrari how to limit the amount of people driving their exclusive product, the only way is the have a waiting list, this creates the desire within the elite group, and in some cases they are willing to pay a premium in order to get onto the list.
But that way of doing business is so yesterday, well in fact it is so last century, today’s elite does not care for waiting lists, they have the money and want the product, like yesterday. For Ferrari this creates a serious dilemma, how to provide their product to the people who want it, without damaging their exclusivity, well this does not matter anymore, Ferrari is desirable brand the work has been done and they are the brand that is wanted.

Yet in the US it appears that prospective buyers of new cars are being asked to wait up to two years for delivery which is very dangerous in a marketplace that is moving on so fast, take the Chinese market there are many more super rich people there who have the cash and want the goods now, but with Ferrari only producing around 6,000 cars a year, this is not enough and sooner or later there will be problems for the company if they do not change with the times.

It would be a shame to see Ferrari begin to fade, especially after all the good work that they have been doing after the years, but you only need to look at the other super sports car companies like Aston and other top brands, they have found out the hard way about supply and demand.

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One Response

  1. JBagley says:

    Ferrari have never, and will never give in to peer pressure being exerted on them from the super rich. Supply and demand have no bearings on them. It’s a passion thing. If you share that same passion that Enzo had when he started the company, you would wait the 2 years or more to get your hands on a brand new Ferrari.