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Ferrari F2007 – Similar To Its Predecessor

Posted in Ferrari by Somu Muthuswamy | January 16th, 2007 | 1 Response |

Ferrari has unveiled its new model F2007 in a press conference in Maranello, Italy. Its the 53rd F1 car designed and built in Italy. Don’t expect that you will see lot of changes because its pretty much similar to the previous model (248) with only slight changes in the configuration.

Baselined on 2006’s 248, this model has similar design philosophies of the previous model. There are some changes in the front. The Single keel which is normally present will be replaced for a zero keel setup. That means, the lower wishbones will be elevated upwards which results in a cushion aerodynamic effect. As awesome as it may sound, its actually increases the risk of the one who is driving.

Overall, the suspension is primarily redone to improve the aerodynamic efficiency. The next is the intake of the air at the top of the car. It is now totally changed. The sidepods are redone to include the new bigger cooling system; the entire car is stretched a little bit on a longer wheelbase.

With its weight increasing by 10kgs when compared to its predecessor, you can say that its designed to accommodate the safety regulation.

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One Response

  1. Bahjat Tabbara says:

    Actually the F2007 is quite different from the 248 (F2006) especially the nose, & (as mentioned) intake design while the rear wings are quite different. All the same, the F2006 would be competitive, even today!