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Ferrari 458 Challenge car finally sees daylight.

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Ferrari 458 Challenge Car

Que Bella! With 570 hp, 19 inch custom BBS wheesl, Brembo carbon ceramic brakes and that beautiful red paint the new Ferrari 458 Challenge car is truly something to behold. Last week we brought you a rendering done by automotive artist Jon Sibal of a Ferrari 458 GT as it might look if it competed in ALMS and truth be told I think Mr. Sibal’s design is just a wee bit sexier than the Ferrari Challenge car you see here. But that car is in fantasy land and this is reality and fortunately for us, reality is pretty damn good.

Ferrari 458 Challenge Car

In fact Ferrari is saying that the 458 Challenge car can lap the Fiorano circuit more than 2 seconds faster than the previous F430 Challenge car… 2 SECONDS!! Ladies and gentlemen that is HUGE! I have little doubt that the new owners of these challenge cars will no doubt be grinning every time they get behind the wheel of this prancing horse.

Source: Autoblog.com

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