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Fernando Alonso, A Ferrari 458 Italia & A Nervous Journalist

Posted in Ferrari, Funny Videos, Track Events, Videos by Kurt Ernst | May 22nd, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

Fernando Alonso, using all the available real estate.

Remember the old stickers that said, “Sit down, shut up and hang on?” Apparently, they don’t have those in Italy, since poor Fernando Alonso had to deal with the nervous chattering of an Italian journalist for lap after lap of the Fiorano track. It’s hard to tell if the guy is having a good time, about to lose bladder control or both; whit is clear is that he’s not accustomed to be driven around a race track at speed. Sure, Alonso is milking it for all it’s worth (like the slow, lurid drift at 1:09 in, or his demonstration of oversteer at 1:55), but the guy is a former F1 world champion and arguably one of the five best active drivers in the world. I’d have no problem riding shotgun with Alonso on any track, in any car, at any speed, and I promise I wouldn’t giggle like an four-year-old girl for the duration. Enjoy the video below, but feel free to turn the sound off.

Source: YouTube, via Autoevolution


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