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Ferdinand GT3 RS now owns the lightweight crown!

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Porsche has always been known for making lightweight stripped down race cars. They pride themselves on achieving the perfect blend of sheer horsepower and weight culminating in automobiles that have few equals. They are legendary and have a racing history that goes back decades. Now it seems that one automobile in particular seeks to challenge Porsche at their own game. What you are looking at here is an automobile that will astound the automotive press, wow test drivers and set the performance car market on it’s ear. It is the all aluminum Ferdinand GT3 RS.

Ferdinand GT3 RS

Power comes from a skinny German Dude whose name is most likely Ferdinand with power being put down to the pavement by way of a dual-crank, chain drive system that utilizes four wheel disc brakes. The total weight of this bad boy is an astonishingly low 220 lbs., that makes Porsche’s lightest car look like a total chub-chub. At this time there are no plans to put the Ferdinand GT3 RS into production as the prototype is still being tested, we will keep you posted however if we hear of any further developments.

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