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Ferarri 458 Italia’s Cockpit Giving Us Voltron Flashbacks

Posted in Car Tech, Design, Exotic Cars, Expensive Cars, Fast Cars, Favorite Cars, Ferrari, New Cars, Pop Culture by Alex Kierstein | August 27th, 2009 | 1 Response |


Surely you remember Voltron? Five giant kickass lions forming up to create a big metallic samurai space warrior fighting giant space mutants created by the evil witch Hagar? How the kids who piloted the thing always remembered just at the last second that they had this invincible light sword that would cut the mutant in half and save the day? Well, if you do, maybe you’ll share in our nostalgia a bit, because the 458 Italia’s new dash cluster and steering wheel are giving us serious Voltron flashbacks. Hopefully if someone revives the series, they’ll decide that Voltron should form itself out of five Ferraris and use a flaming sword to hack up giant mutant Corvettes.


OK, so the resemblance isn’t so much literal, but looking at the 458’s dash triggered a flood of memories about wanting to be at the controls of some high-tech device of pure awsomeness – fair to say that a Voltron lion or a Ferrari 458 fit that bill. More after the jump.


On a serious note, the new dash and wheel are seriously awesome, especially if your preferences run on the gadget-geek side of things. Note the start/stop button and suspension settings right there by your thumbs, and the turn signals stalks have been replaced by conveniently located buttons. They’ve also made the F1-style paddles longer for easier flappy-paddle shenanigans, and moved less used secondary controls to outrigger pods straddling the wheel. The result looks amazing, but in a form-follows-function sort of way. It sort of looks like a mashup of the aforementioned Voltron yoke, a Honda S2000, and a straight-up Formula 1 car. Color us smitten.

[Images: Ferrari]

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One Response

  1. Dustin May says:

    That, my friend, was awesome. Voltron rules! That cockpit is pretty sick. I’m totally digging all the controls on the wheel.

    Dammit, I don’t have my Voltron DVDs here. Now I have a hankerin’ to watch some robotic ass kicking.