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FBI Files Evil Knievel Under “BAMF”, Officially Declares Obvious

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According to documents obtained by the Associated Press, legendary motorcycle stuntman Evil Knievel spent most of his life under heavy investigation by the FBI for suspected involvement with a crime syndicate.

Prone the macabre, Knievel’s most legendary act of violence occurred in 1977 in the parking lot of 20th Century Fox. The unfortunate victim was studio executive Shelly Saltman, who had worked closely with Knievel promoting his death-defying escapades before penning a tell-all in which he characterized Knievel as “an alcoholic, a pill addict, an anti-Semite and an immoral person.” Angered by the account, but certainly doing nothing to help his own cause, Knievel assaulted Shelly in the studio parking lot, beating him heavily with a baseball bat.

The FBI believed the violence didn’t end there, and spent years compiling a 290-page report on the famous stuntman, attempting to link him to a string of brutal beatings and vicious attacks. Despite the seemingly exhaustive evidence, threats from the federal government to arrest Knievel on the related charges never amounted to anything more than just that: threats. Knievel’s widow, Krystal Kennedy-Knievel, admitted she was never aware of any such investigation, and several of the late stuntman’s friends and competitors vouched for his character. “Evel’s never done any wrong besides that one little incident,” a former competitor, Bob Gill explained of an altercation the two had in the 70’s, “And he’s made up for it 1,000 times.”

Today, the federal government has refrained from offering insight as to why the charges levied against Knievel were never brought to fruition. In an e-mail, Department of Justice spokeswoman Laura Sweeney said, “The Department follows the facts and the law in making decisions and beyond that, couldn’t comment on matters in which no public federal charges were filed.”

[News Source: FOXNews, D.C.]

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