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Favre GTO: Good Enough to Die For?

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<i>But does it TASTE like the real thing?</i>

But does it TASTE like the real thing?

Wired’s Autopia brings us the rivetingly interesting tale of one William Favre and his mission to build a Ferrari 250 GTO replica so authentic it was nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. At the peak of the Ferrari craze of the 1980s, where you could slap a prancing horse on a Cadillac Cimaron and it would sell for triple its worth, this ballsy guy was sticking it right to the Ferrari aficionado community by shamelessly copying the design of the most desirable Maranello creation ever. He wasn’t passing them off as real Ferraris, but it didn’t sit well with some folks. And quite possibly, he was murdered over it …

<i>Real or fake?                          (Real)</i>

Real or fake? (Real)

The handmade body, crafted out of aluminum, covers up real Ferrari mechanicals, that have all been modified to be as close as possible to the original car. Of course, that means a Columbo V12 up front, and the Borrani wire wheels, as well as an accurate interior. Favre made a few – was it just 2, or as many as 11? The numbers don’t really matter – what matters is, Favre had made all the wrong people angry. What happened next is difficult to say. All we know is that Mr. Favre ended up dead due to an encounter with the business end of a .357 Magnum. Some say suicide, some say murder. It adds up to a mystery that we’ll leave to the Poirot fans.

In any event, this one’s available at The Classic Car Collection in Switzerland, for sale, price “upon demand.” How mysterious.

[Source: Autopia]

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