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Fast ‘N Loud hits the Tonight Show

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Fast 'N Loud

If you haven’t yet seen “Fast ‘N Loud” on the Discovery Channel then you’re missing out. The premise of the show is simple – find an old car, refurbish it and then sell it for a profit. It’s a formula that’s been done before, however this time around Discovery Channel has actually gotten it right. You see they’ve enlisted the help of Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman of Gas Monkey Garage down in Dallas, TX. These guys are not actors and quite honestly, they don’t want to be. They’re just diehard motor-heads with a knack for getting the best out of an old ride. In short these are genuine good guys that the public can relate to and form a bond with. Richard Rawlings however has a little secret that I doubt many people know about. You see he and friend Dennis Collins actually hold the transcontinental record from New York to Los Angeles. Their time? An astonishing 31 hours and 59 minutes. Jay Leno recently got Richard talking about their amazing ride when the boys from Fast ‘N Loud visited the tonight show. Click through to check it out.

Source: TheTonightShow.com

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2 Responses

  1. acarr260 says:

    Alex Roy holds that record with a time of 31:04. That was set in October of 2006. I believe that he even wrote a book about the adventure.

  2. Westsider says:

    Rawlings/Collins or Roy took different routes. The record holder all depends on which route you accept as the the “official” NY to CA one.