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9 Full Minutes of “Fast Five” Footage!

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Fast Five

Over the past few months we’ve been posting video snippets of the upcoming film, Fast Five. If you haven’t guessed it’s the fifth flick in the Fast and the Furious franchise and the one that could go down in history as the most profitable installment to date. Streetfire.net has just posted an amazing video that not only gives us some great behind the scenes footage, but also gives us some greater insight into the plot and how our favorite automotive fugitives plan to heist $100,000,000. This time around director Justin Lin has taken queues from movies like the Italian Job and Oceans 11 by filling the script with what looks to be a proper plot line. Combine that with new cast members like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a hopped up federal officer and you’ve got the makings of over 90 minutes of adrenaline filled action. Click through for the video and get ready to get your horsepower fix for the day.

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