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Fast Attack AG presents “The ONE”.

Posted in Cool Stuff, Custom, Harley Davidson by MrAngry | December 27th, 2010 | 2 Responses |

The One by Fat Attack

Truth be told I’m not a huge Harley-Davidson fan as I always thought of them more as rolling couches, then I did actual motorcycles. It’s not a slight on the brand in any way, it’s just that I like my bikes to be a little more performance oriented. There are however those bikes out there that make me question my feelings towards the brand. Take this amazing creation from Swiss bike builder Fast Attack AG for instance. Dubbed “The ONE”, this beautiful machine was the brain child of Fast Attack’s head honcho Urs Erbacher, and was built to showcase their stellar craftsmanship. One look at this machine will tell you that it was built to not only turn heads, but to perform as well.

The One by Fat Attack

Erbacher has more than 25 years of drag racing experience in European Top Fuel Drag Racing and wanted to build a machine that would showcase it. Almost every part of the bike was hand fabricated using liberal doses of aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber. Things like the beautifully sculpted carbon fiber tank, two-into-four custom exhaust and wicked single-sided swing arm are bits that prove that Fast Attack AG is more than capable of building some of the baddest custom motorcycles the world has ever seen.

Source: Bornrich.org

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2 Responses

  1. BigRuss says:

    its the sexiest harley ive ever seen… and im in love with the XR1200…

  2. ester says:

    […] Fast Attack AG presents “The ONE”. […]