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Fantasy Junction’s 1958 Kellison J4-R on Jalopnik

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1958 Kellison J4-R

1958 Kellison J4-R

Jalopnik’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe today is featuring this 1958 Kellison J4-R today, offered by the aptly named Fantasy Junction of Emeryville, CA. Low, mean, fiberglass, orange, and eligible for vintage racing – all for $42,500. Sorry, that’s definitely a Nice Price – no contest. Click through for more on Fantasy Junction.


I’ve personally spent many an hour in the showroom of FJ, gawking at this very car. Packed with cars, many nearing 7 figures, I’m always paranoid that an errant step will mean my watch or belt buckle causes $350,000 worth of damage to some priceless, irreplaceable Bentley R-type Fastback or the like.

99% sure this is the same SOVREN Victress.

99% sure this is the same SOVREN Victress.

Along with a mean and rare Porsche 718 RSK they used to have, the Kellison is one of my favorites, having at one point seen a Victress (a similar low-production fiberglass special) at a SOVREN race in Washington. It was LUST at first sight.

At some point I’ll get the gents at FJ, which is basically in my backyard, to give me (and by proxy you, RideLusters) a tour of this amazing shop.

[Source: Fantasy Junction via Jalopnik. Victress Image: Eric’s SOVREN Gallery]

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