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Fantastic Mach 1 Rendering For 2011 Mustang

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Before you get too excited, remember, this is only a sketch–for now! We already know there is no Mach 1 special edition scheduled for 2010, and there hasn’t been any word officially from Ford regarding future Mustang packages, save the venerable Shelby GT-500. But we do know that the 5.0L 400HP Coyote V8 should be appearing within the next year or two, so perhaps, by 2011, Edmundo Cano’s fantasy can become a reality.

Unlike most photoshop jobs, these sketches, especially the rear-angle view with the backroads Americana backdrop, seem more photo-realistic than photo-shopped. All the basic components are here: the grabber orange paint, the matte-black hood and shaker system, the rear black-out panel, black spoiler, thrust wheels, and side louvers for the windows. But we’re especially fond of the ’69 inspired rear-quarter intakes. If Ford could find a way to make them, and make them functional, well–that would certainly be the bee’s knees. Probably wouldn’t impress anybody but true blue-blooded Stang enthusiasts, but we’d notice.

Check the gallery for more awesome pics!

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