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FACEOFF: Ferrari 458 Italia vs. Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Posted in Exotic Cars, Ferrari, Porsche, Videos by MrAngry | May 10th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

So you’ve just won the lottery and you’re now sitting home contemplating what super car you should buy to impress your friends and neighbors. You thought about a Lamborghini but decided against it because it was simply too brash and in your face. Then you pondered over the current crop of Aston Martins, but they’re too high brow for you, so those are out as well. Lucky for you that you’re here at Ridelust.com, as we may in fact have the answer you are looking for. Above is a comparison test between Ferrari’s new stellar 458 Italia and the Porsche GT3 RS. The Ferrari is a wonderment of modern technology and a simply brilliant machine. The Porsche is old school with a proper manual transmission and about as much technology as an ox cart. You can’t deny that both cars are blisteringly fast, handle like they’re on rails and have looks that will make everyone stop and stare. The obvious question is which one to buy. Take a look at the video, gather your thoughts and let us know.

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