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F1 to go Green!

Posted in Ferrari, General by davidallen | February 9th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Yes it is true, Formula one the gas burning high performance sport is looking to bring in some measures that will make the sport green or greener depending from which perspective you are looking at it from. Clearly the sport cannot really ever be classed as a green sport, you only have to be at a race and smell the fumes to know that, yet going green does it really go against the whole concept of Formula One racing?


In actual fact we have heard this before, the sports governing body the FIA have been trying to slow the sport down for years, only to see the brilliant designers improve the performance of their cars despite how many restrictions are applied to the rules.


The changes will probably come in force for the 2009 season and will include the re-use of engines, the revs being limited and even the engine size itself being reduced, yet we have seen these rules being brought in before, sometimes they slow the cars down but only for a while, the people who work in this industry are the top of the league and are capable of creating more power and speed virtually out of thin air, not matter what changes and restriction are placed on them.

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