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F1 Team Squashes Danica Patrick Coupling, NASCAR Flirting Continues

Posted in Formula 1, General, Newsworthy, Pop Culture, Racing by Geoff | August 18th, 2009 | 1 Response |

danicapatrick Danica Patrick: The Epitome Of Professionalism

The new American F1 team launching in 2010, US F1, has essentially taken themselves out of the courting to win the racing services of Danica Patrick for next season. US F1 leader Peter Windsor is not convinced that the 27-year old mega-endorser would be a good fit for the smaller F1 racing market, which clearly does not have the exposure of NASCAR. Although lots of people would love to see her trading paint and shmoozing the Budweiser crowd, at least one prominent racing owner believes Patrick’s racing career would be best served by staying put in IndyCar.

Danica_Patrick_486259a Patrick Tuning Out The Haters

From only a driving standpoint, you would think that F1 would be a natural fit for Patrick. But Windsor’s comments reflect the sad truth that racing prowess seems to consistently take a back seat to glamour in the discussion of Danica. He is quoted in Sports Illustrated as saying, “She’ll probably go to NASCAR, probably do very well there and she’ll probably make a fortune.” The perception that money and fame, and not racing sucess, comes first with Patrick is not helped by the fact that she regularly strips down for photo shoots.

danicasi You Should See What Helio Wears Under HIS Suit

Despite what would surely be a HUGE pay day in NASCAR, one owner with a stake in both IndyCar and Sprint Cup, Chip Ganassi, doesn’t believe Danica Patrick should leave. Logically, after some strong results in the last couple of years, including at the Indy 500, Patrick would probably be best served with grinding out a few more seasons, getting better and then possibly making a move to a different series. Ganassi openly admits that he has talked to Patrick about driving for him in IndyCar when her contract with Andretti Green expires. However, he also acknowledges that if she chooses NASCAR it will not be on one of his teams.

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  1. Lory Zarlingo says:

    Patrick started in kart racing and later raced Formula Ford in England before returning to the United States and moving up to IndyCars. She was named the Rookie of the Year for both the 2005 Indianapolis 500 and the 2005 IndyCar Series season. She holds the IRL record for most consecutive races running at the finish: as of October 2, 2011, she had completed 50 consecutive in the running (besting the record by 18).;”

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