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F1 Red Bull Cockpit by Playseat Is Full of Racing Goodness

Posted in Best of, Games, Video Games by MrAngry | March 18th, 2011 | 1 Response |

Playseat F1 Red Bull Racing Seat

Console games like Forza Motor Sports and Gran Turismo are usually about as close as the average person will ever get to being inside the cockpit of a real race car. While not the real thing, these games still have the ability to get our hearts racing and adrenaline up, because let’s face it, racing is racing. Using the standard hand held controller is great, but if you really want to get in the mood what you really need is the new “Red Bull X 2010 S Vettel” by Playseat. Ladies and gents, this sucker takes automotive gaming to a whole new level by immersing one in a seated environment that’s pretty damn close to the real thing. Based out of the Netherlands, Playseat has signed a licensing agreement with Red Bull Racing, which enabled them to build a racing cockpit that is as close to the real thing as your ever likely to see.

Playseat F1 Red Bull Racing Seat

According to Playseat founder Fernando Smit, “The time that people raced, perched on a kitchen chair with a racing wheel clamped to the table, have been gone for some time now. But the new Playseat formula takes virtual racing to a completely new level. The interaction with the racing game is unrivaled. The user feels every bump in the road surface. People will experience the race as if they are real racing drivers.”

Playseat F1 Red Bull Racing Seat

We here at Ridelust.com love the idea of having one of these suckers positioned perfectly in our living rooms, however, at a price of just over $1,300.00 USD, we’ll have to settle for our basic controller. Oh well… here’s to dreaming!

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