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F1 Montreal Grand Prix Was A War Of Attrition

Posted in Formula 1, Grand Prix, Racing Coverage by Kurt Ernst | June 13th, 2011 | 3 Responses |

Jenson Button, winner of Sunday's Canadian Grand Prix. Image: Rego Korosi

If you like epic drama in racing, you would have loved Sunday’s Formula One Grand Prix of Canada. It had every possible weather condition except snow, it had crashes aplenty and more intra-squad rivalry than an NBA team. If you DVR’d the race like I did, you only caught the first half, since torrential rain red-flagged the race just before the halfway point. That’s not to say the opening session was without drama: on lap one, an overly aggressive Lewis Hamilton spun Red Bull Renault driver Mark Webber in turn one. Webber lost a few positions, but was able to resume racing with no serious damage to his car. A few laps later, heading into turn one, Hamilton attempted an ill-timed pass on teammate Jenson Button. Button never saw Hamilton alongside, and went wide setting up for the turn. That was enough to send Hamilton into the barrier, shattering his left rear suspension and retiring the McLaren Mercedes driver for the day.

By the time the race was red-flagged, it looked like it would be another pole-to-checkered flag win for Sebastian Vettel. After a two hour rain delay, the race was restarted and track conditions changed by the minute. Drivers on full wet tires soon gambled on intermediates and then slicks. Jenson Button managed to collect Fernando Alonso, putting the Ferrari driver out of the race and dropping him further in the point standings. As the track dried, Button’s car only got faster, and the McLaren Mercedes driver was able to reign in the Red Bull Renault of Sebastian Vettel in the closing laps. Under pressure, Vettel made an uncharacteristic mistake when he got loose in a corner; that was enough for Button to take the lead on the final lap and rack up the win. Vettel finished in second position, while Red Bull Renault’s Mark Webber took the final podium spot.

Source: Autoweek

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3 Responses

  1. ds440 says:

    Normally, I would feel for Vettel. Until the last lap, he drove a solid race in horrendous conditions. But he’s won enough this year that he could park the Blue Cow for the summer and he’d still be leading the points. The F1 cynic in me wonders if Button didn’t win the race in such spectacular fashion, if the Righteous Hand of the F1 stewardship would have slapped him with a penalty for the Alonso collision. Personally, I was glad the stewards let them race for once.

    Curious to see how the season shakes up now that the exhaust blown diffusers will be banned.

  2. Kurt Ernst says:

    Personally, I think we’re watching Hamilton fall apart before our eyes. You know he’s getting a penalty for his contact with Webber, and even though the shunt with Button falls on JB, Hamilton should have known better. You can’t make a risky pass on a teammate in wet conditions, especially if you don’t have the speed to pull it off.

    The championship would be a whole lot more interesting if cars were penalized for winning consistently, as in DTM. Fifty pounds of ballast would probably help slow Vettel down a bit.