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F1 Coming To Weehawken, NJ

Posted in FIA, Formula 1, News, Racing Coverage by Kurt Ernst | October 26th, 2011 | 1 Response |

Red Bull Renault's Sebastian Vettel at Monaco. Image: Nick J. Webb

Go ahead and check your calendars, but we assure you this isn’t an April Fools Day post. The rumored NYC area Formula 1 race has now been confirmed, so get set to hit the swamps of Jersey to spectate at the June 2013 Grand Prix of America. It won’t be at Liberty State Park and it won’t be in Jersey City; instead, the venue has moved north, and will be held on a street circuit in Weehawken, NJ (one town over from Hoboken, in case you’re not familiar with the local geography).

There are, as you’d expect, a few problems running a street-race event in a crowded metropolitan area. First, accessibility is going to be a huge problem, since you can’t even get in or out of the area at rush hour today. A better choice for out-of-towners will be to stay in Manhattan and take the NY Waterway ferry back and forth from the race, which will ensure that you’re only standing in line for hours waiting to board a ferry instead of sitting parked in your car for days.

The next potential issue is the road surface; in case you’re not familiar with the area, Weehawken’s roads make Afghanistan’s many goat trails look like the Autobahn by comparison. They’re steeply crowned, pothole-decimated and paved in about a hundred different blends of asphalt. Unless the local government adopts a “nuke and pave” philosophy, or unless F1 agrees to run SCORE Trophy Trucks for the Grand Prix of America, we have no idea how this will work.

It’s not our job to figure this stuff out, and local officials have about a year and a half to work out the details. We wish them the best of luck, and have a suspicion that the Grand Prix of America will best be watched in the comfort of your own living room.

Source: Motor Authority

Image credit: Nick J. Webb

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One Response

  1. Weewatchin'- says:

    …Watch it from the comfort of your living room ? Kurt, I am disappointed. This is an opportunity to view a kick ass race here on the EC. If you’re any kind of F1 fan, it’s worth checking out regardless of the town it is being held in.