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F-650 Super-Truck would be Fords alternative to the Ironside GMC Sierra

Posted in Car Tech, Ford by will bee | August 2nd, 2007 | 8 Responses |


GMC and Hasbro in conjunction with Monroe Equipment are planning their build for the Ironhide GMC based on the model used in the Transformers movie. But you Ford guys should not feel left out. The Ford F-650 is your alternative for a true King-of-the-Road mega-truck. Foregoing any of the obvious complaints that would normally be filling this space about fuel mileage the F-650 is one mega-mover short of a Discovery Channel special.


While there are absolutely legitimate reasons for these trucks to be built. They are used as the bases for Highway cinder trucks, Fire Trucks, Ambulances, and other rescue vehicles. Surely those are the primary reasons for these trucks to be built. However, for some peoples these trucks are the ultimate in My Truck Is Bigger Than Your Truck behavior.

But enough about the reasons for these factory assembled monster vehicles. The Tonka child inside of me just thinks that these are way too cool. For some people there are no toys too large and we should not hold their ability to enjoy those large toys against them. For once we should revel in their unabashed intention to use their toys just as they see fit.


Thanks for the tip, Dave.

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8 Responses

  1. Dee says:

    This Ford truck definitely looks like an oversized toy.. I wouldn’t buy it but I would like to drive/play with one..

  2. Thomas says:


  3. shadow says:


  4. Margie says:

    Beautiful truck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dee might would pass up the opertunty to own one but I WOULD NOT.

  5. Paulo sergio says:

    nossa esse caminhonetao é super di+ adorei !!!!
    quem sabe mais pra frente estou andando pelas ruas de sao paulo com um desses eu creio qui sim … obrigado

  6. kelvin franklin says:

    i guess its ok if you wanna call it ok i mean its not the best but it is very nice

  7. kelvin franklin says:

    all that truck all ok hell yea i love that truck because not only could it do the job i need but you could take that it and put it through a house thats why i like it

  8. jacob holland says:

    like you could afford it you stupid foriegner