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Extreme Unicyclist Steve Colligan Prepares For Everest Trek, “I’ve Been Told To Expect Diarrhea”

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Manchester, England native and extreme uncicylist Steve Colligan has been in the spotlight recently for his newest jaunt: an anticipated 620-mile unicycle ride across the “Roof of the World”, the backbone of the Himalayans. Spanning from Lhasa, Tibet to Kathmandu, Nepal, Colligan’s ride will take him across the Tibetan Plateau and through some of the harshest terrain in the world. No stranger to danger [groan], the one wheeled wonder’s [oh when does it end?] brag sheet features extreme unicycling treks down Mt.Snowden, Scafell Pike, Mt.Ben Nevis, and across the Great Wall of China. An admitted adrenaline junkie, Colligan says the Roof of the World/Everest Challenge will be his largest, most dangerous endeavor yet.

“Yes, yes, very nice, but can we eat it?”

It will also be one of his most charitable. Deftly maneuvering his single all-terrain tire around the “attention whore” tag, Colligan’s highly-publicized trip isn’t a self-promotional gig, but rather an event intended to raise awareness and funding for the poor educational system in remote Himalayan villages.

Funded primarily by UK outfit Red Spoke Adventure Tours, all the proceeds from Colligan’s trip will be donated directly to the Hilly Region Development Club [HRDC], a non-government organization [NGO]. Established in 1998, the Hilly Region Development Club is primarily focused on developing educational opportunities and ensuring adequate health care for children and their families who live in the rural areas of Nepal. Relying solely on the donations of private benefactors, the Hilly Region Development Club is a pet charity among many international trekkers, many of whom have observed first-hand the village’s sub-standard conditions. With his extreme ride, Colligan is hoping to generate funds to help the HRDC begin the construction of a new school in Nepal. “This is going to be an extreme ride,” Colligan admitted, “But…so worthwhile if I can raise a significant sum of money to help these projects in Nepal.”

[Photo Sources: Metro UK and UnicycleSteve.com]

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