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Exhaust or No Exhaust, That is the Question!

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New Exhaust

Drivers, especially young men, simply love to modify their cars. Be it a gas pedal shaped like a foot, or a full blown performance suspension system, the urge to personalize ones vehicle is sometimes uncontrollable. One such modification that I’ve seen done on everything from Vega’s to Viper’s is the addition of a new muffler and or new exhaust system. Performance wise a new exhaust will only get you marginal, if any performance gains. However from a “look at me” perspective, dollar for dollar they’re hard to compete with. Budget minded import cars like the Honda Civic and Mitsubishi Lancer usually run with whatever is on sale at their local Pep Boys or Autozone. The mufflers, when looked at carefully are actually quite amusing as most of them have large 3″ to 4″ tips that do absolutely nothing except give off that annoying “fart can” melody.

Muscle car guys generally tend to pony up a few more bucks for mufflers and go with a nice set of Dynomax or Flowmasters. However, they will then attach them to some crappy old non-mandrel bent tubing, which then eliminates any benefit they would’ve have incurred by just doing it right. Then there are the exotic and high performance crew. These guys have the cash and do it right with a full system from the headers back. This gets them decent performance gains, a great sound and most of all, a great quality product.

Honestly, I can’t say that doing any of the above modifications is wrong as it all depends on your budget and what you expect from the end result. Personally, I tend to leave new cars stock, as the only thing new exhausts tend to do are annoy me as I’m trying to listen to the radio. So how about ya’ll – are you into stock, slightly modified or a full-blown exhaust system?

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6 Responses

  1. Jean Amaral says:

    I guess, the soundracer yould do the job

  2. J D Stadler says:

    “Coffee can of angry bumblebees”

    I say modified ONLY IF your aim is to improve performance and you can back it up with a dyno

  3. Taylor says:

    Full blown!!!

    To the extent you can go full blown now-a-days. Damned Cats get in the way of doing a full system.

    I did headers and a cat back system on my ride and as stated, it was a marginal gain, but a gain is a gain.

    A fact of motorhead life that will hold true till the end of time is that maximum horsepower is the most expensive modification you will ever do to a car.

  4. Taylor says:

    Also a qualifier, it absolutely CANNOT sound like a pissed off bumblebee.

    And a point to think on, exhaust mods are a marginal HP gain but, if done right, the mod can be lighter than the stock system. A little bit of HP added and some weight taken away and you’re on the right track.

  5. ptschett says:

    If I ever own a beater Japanese compact I’m welding a steel coffee can to the end of the stock muffler outlet pipe in order to illustrate their absurdity by being absurd.

    In the meantime my KLR650 is my only vehicle with a non-stock exhaust, it has an FMF muffler courtesy of the previous owner. It sounds nice but it’s hardly the alleged life-saving loud pipe.

    Among my cars my Challenger needs no help, with the factory true-dual, X-piped exhaust it makes nice sounds at just the right volume. The Dakota seems OK but I wouldn’t mind if it were louder; I thought about a cat-back when it was new, but it hasn’t mattered enough for me to take action. And my old T-bird has an awfully restrictive system, but it’s been under there for all of the 186,000 miles I’ve put on that car and at this point I don’t intend to spend any money on it.

  6. MrAngry says:

    Ah… the KLR650. The best all around motorcycle ever!