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Exclusive: Ronaele Debuts their Monoceros 700hp Mustang at Daytona Turkey Run

Posted in Auto Show, Car Tech, Design, Fast Cars, Ford by will bee | December 13th, 2007 | 6 Responses |

DSC_0070-EC.jpg picture by willfusion

There seems to be plenty of Specialty Mustangs and Mustang Customizers out on the market these days, and the word coming down from Ford is that the demand is still there for more. But one Auto Customizer just raised the bar for themselves and the rest of the market. With their car 95% completed Ronaele finds the Turkey Rod Auto Show in Daytona Beach to be a great location to debut their Monoceros 700 R Mustang. What started out as one man’s wish-list based off a stock Mustang GT has turned into one mean street machine that is eager to see its time in the sun.

Monoceros was told to us to be an Indian word that stood for something mythological and unattainable; such as a Unicorn or Dragon. In the case of Ronaele’s Monoceros 700R Mustang and for the rest of us that just may be the case. And do not let that 700 R moniker fool you into thinking this is all about the badging. The Monoceros earns its 700 marking as she is dyno’d at 700-hp at the rear-wheels; because 699-hp would just not suffice.
(To learn more and to see a plethora of photos click now)

To Achieve 700-hp at the wheels the stock 4.6 liter GT engine was stripped, bored to 5.0 liters and topped with a Kenne Bell Super-Charger. That once stock engine is now producing upwards of 770-hp at the crank and with its Demon Computer it is ready to be adapted for all weather scenarios to insure that 700-hp is achievable in nearly all conditions. Planting all that power to the pavement is some modified F1 Suspension and a Viper 6-Speed Transmission. Basically the word from Ronaele was what the buyer wants, the buyer gets.

That was the same way they approached the engine compartment and the paint scheme. If it can be painted or chromed that is what is going to happen to any part that touches this car (with the sad exception of the rubber… we suppose there must be some concessions.). The color choice for this special Pony was made by the buyer as well and may put off some Ford purists, but that does not seem to worry him in the slightest. The color is Hugger Orange from the late 1960’s Chevy Camaro. For the buyer that was the most amazing color of Orange on a car he had ever seen and there was no way anyone was going to sway him from it. The name Orange Krate that adorns the rear deck of this Monoceros 700 R stands for the owners very own childhood unattainable object. It was specialty bicycle that was called the Orange Krate and at that time in his life it was priced waaay out of his reach. So at this time in his life, when things are looking more attainable, he decided to recapture some of what he had missed early on.

If you live in the Central Florida area and happen to see this stunning Pony cruising the streets and highways you might as well put your racing bug away. According to the owner he is happy just knowing all the power is there and all challengers will be greeted with a grin and a shrug. This car is for his enjoyment only and not to be tampered with.

For more on the build of Monoceros 700 R Mustang from start to finish you can check out a couple other sites listed here: CarDomain, Ronaele. And while you are at the Ronaele site check out some of their other, possibly less unattainable, Mustang and F-150 offerings.

While cars like the Shelby GT500 and all the collection of Roush Mustangs and Saleens have proliferated the media over the past couple years it might just be the handcrafting of companies like Ronaele and cars like their Monoceros 700 R Mustang that make the Specialty Mustang field a truly Special Place.


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6 Responses

  1. Ryan says:

    Wow. These are great pics. Thanks for this story. Were you there?

  2. will bee says:

    Yes, I attended the Turkey Rod and just happened to find the Ronaele guys at the furthest back lot of the show. Spent some time talking with one of the body guys and the actual owner-to-be of the car. It is one car you truly need to see in person to get all the details in.

    And on a private tip look for some more interesting Pony Debuts from them coming up in February. They refused to share too many details, but it could prove to be the fastest Mustang on the road with the aid of some Uber-Torque.

  3. Bud Burk says:

    Thanks so much for this article. I am the owner of the Orange Krate and this is just insane to have an article about my dream car. Thanks

  4. […] who is also the owner of this sweet ride, sent us the first entry for our car photo […]

  5. Eddy Del Vale says:

    This mustang is making me think about buying one.

  6. Roy says:

    I live in Ormond Beach and just saw the 700R drive past me on Granada Blvd. What an awesome car, I immediately looked up what it was and found these pics. Wow!!