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EVO Explains The Mercedes-Benz Gelaendewagen

Posted in Mercedes Benz, Off-Roading, Videos by Kurt Ernst | May 10th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

There are plenty of off-road vehicles capable of getting you from point A to point B when the going gets rough. My own FJ Cruiser is a great example: it’s rugged enough, cheap and relatively comfortable as long as your expectations are modest. A Jeep Wrangler also fits this mold, as does a Nissan Xterra. What if your expectations for comfort and civility off-road are a little bit higher? Sure, there’s the Range Rover, but some people don’t take kindly to electrical problems stranding them fifty miles from the nearest cell tower. What’s a well-heeled outdoorsman to do? Why, purchase a Mercedes-Benz Gelaendewagen, that’s what. Below, Evo’s Chris Harris explains why the venerable Mercedes box-on-wheels should be parked in your garage.

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