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NYIAS: Evil Siblings: The Cadillac CTS-V Coupe & Wagon

Posted in Cadillac, General, New Cars, New York Auto Show, NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL AUTO SHOW by MrAngry | April 1st, 2010 | 1 Response |

CTS-V Coupe

When the new Cadillac CTS-V came out last year with its 558 hp it proceeded to scare the ever-lovin’-crap out of every four door super sedan on the market. M5’s started to get very nervous and anything with AMG on the deck lid was wise to proceed with caution around GM’s new uber-hammer. In GM’s mind this was one big notch in their belt and scaring da’ Germans was something they wanted to continue doing.

CTS-V Coupe

In the scheme of things their goal wasn’t to simply build a better M5 or AMG sedan, but build a car that had its own distinct personality with the American nohow and wherewithal to find its own road. The CTS-V did this in spades. Now Cadillac wants to add a few more pieces to the puzzle by giving us the CTS-V Coupe and Sports Wagon. Both are fitted with the same rev happy supercharged LSA engine that is in the standard CTS-V, but with some new sheet metal.

CTS-V Sports Wagon

Both are beautiful cars, but I’m just not sold on the coupe yet. Yes it is beautiful, functional and ungodly fast, but is there really a market for it? The Sports Wagon on the other hand is a pure knockout. I love wagons, always have, always will, in fact the CTS-V is probably the one wagon that I’d replace my beloved SRT-8 Magnum with.

CTS-V Sports Wagon

The CTS-V Wagon has a subtle look of refinement to it while still having a muscular presence. The extended roof line blends with a very nicely sculpted rear hatch to give the body a soft feel. Most wagon designs are boxy, especially when derived from an existing sedan. The CTS-V however has managed to blend both style, space and a muscular attitude into one complete package.

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One Response

  1. josh says:

    i think cadillac has gone a long way. the newer models are freaking sweet. i think cadillacs are the coolest cars ever built. alot better than a ferrari or mazzerati even.