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Everything is better when twins are involved… ESPECIALLY Nascar!

Posted in General, NASCAR, Pop Culture, Racing by MrAngry | October 26th, 2010 | 1 Response |

Cope Sisters Nascar

Let’s see now, they’re blond, they’re twins, they’re hot and they race cars. Yep, that sounds like every Nascar fans fantasy if you ask me. Meet Amber and Angela Cope, twin 27-year-old sisters who completed their first Nascar race this past weekend in the Camping World Truck Series race. The sisters are the nieces of Derrike Cope, winner of the 1990 Daytona 500 according to blurb from Derrike Cope Racing these girls are nothing to laugh at.

“They began racing at the age of 9 in Go karts and quickly made names for themselves by winning poles and races year after year. At the young age of 15 they step up to late model race cars even before they had their license to drive.”Hmm, impressive.

“After numerous feature wins and pole position these two attractive and dynamic young women are ready to take the next step towards the most elite form of motorsports…”NASCAR”.I think the Formula 1 guys would probably disagree here.

Either way though Amber and Angela Cope are good for the sport as the sisters will not only attract attention, but controversy as well. Who knows, maybe they’ll actually be good at some point and make all the skeptics eat crow… stranger things have happened.

Source: DerrikeCopeRacing.com

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    Danika was getting old.