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NYIAS: Every Pimps Dream: Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe

Posted in New York Auto Show, NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL AUTO SHOW, Newsworthy, Rolls Royce by MrAngry | April 1st, 2010 | 1 Response |

Rolls Royce Phanton Drophead Coupe

Ever since the economy took a dump you’ve been contemplating a new direction as far as your career goes. You’ve looked into high finance but didn’t feel that warm cushy connection. Then you checked into cooking school, after all those celebrity chefs seem to be bringing in some pretty big coin. Then after knocking back a 12 pack of Bud and watching a rerun of Boogie Nights, it finally hit you didn’t it… PIMPIN’!!

Rolls Royce Phanton Drophead Coupe

It’s the worlds oldest profession and has always proved to be a money maker even in times of a recession. So, you’ve now done your due diligence and have managed to find a great pimp corner right around the block from the elementary school and secured 12 of the finest hoe’s you could from the local X-Mart. There is however one thing that your missing… the car.

Rolls Royce Phanton Drophead Coupe

Well my aspiring Pimp, you are in luck because your old pal Mr. Angry has found the perfect ride for you to pimp out your love packages right here at the New York International Auto Show. This is the Phantom Drophead Coupe from Rolls Royce and it comes stock with the full Mac Daddy package. You want real wood throughout the cabin… no problem. How about some ghetto-fabulous 24″ superstar wheels, yep, their included too. And last but not least is the lease agreement for you to sign – only 73 months at 28.6% interest. Don’t worry though, because like we talked about, Pimpin’ is the oldest profession out there. Now go fourth, sign on the dotted line and watch that green cheddar roll in.

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One Response

  1. naeem says:

    na man, all that wood on the interior and top is not doing it for me. Woulda looked stunning if it had cream leather and a lighter brown wood finish. The top “decking” like area should rather be polished alluminium.

    this looks cheap!