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Even the Greenies are Image Conscious Shoppers

Posted in Emissions, General, Hybrid by will bee | July 5th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

A recent CNW Marketing Research report indicated that the majority of hybrid buyers in the past couple years are choosing the Prius over other hybrid models because of the statement it makes about them. By choosing the Prius, the most successful ground-up designed hybrid, over other models that were first available with standard gasoline engines their purchase states boldly for them that they care about the environment and want to do something about it.

 Prius parade

The original Prius owners first reason for choosing their car in 1996 was for the improved fuel mileage. However when Hollywood’s Green faction stepped out publicly in favor of the Prius maybe that is what altered the public persona of the modern-day shopper. As is the case with many trends todays Prius owners are following in the footsteps of some well publicized others. Whatever the case or the cause it is the message that is most important. No… not that new Prius owners are Hollywood stars too. The message that the environment and the automobile are part-and-parcel with one another.

Prius vs. hummer

However, keep in mind that CNW Marketing Research is also the same suppliers of the Prius vs. Hummer debate. They declared the Hummer to be a more environmentally sound choice over the Prius due to its cost vs. life expectancy. Despite the holes in their logic (?) CNW Marketing Research continues to chug along with their data and analysis. Maybe their next subject should be their own market knowledge and analysis skills.


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