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Erik Buell Has A Few Tricks Up His Sleeve

Posted in Cool Stuff, General, Motorcycle, Racing by Kurt Ernst | August 3rd, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

This video may be nothing, or it may be big news for fans of Erik Buell and Buell Motorcycles. The brand may have been killed off by Harley-Davidson, but don’t expect the genius that is Erik Buell to sit on the sidelines any longer than he has to. If memory serves me correctly, his non-compete with Harley-Davidson expires in February of 2011. It kind of makes sense to begin the process of testing his 1125R, 1125RR and 1190RR bikes now, for uses off the racetrack, if he’s going to launch a new company next year.

If you think about it, building 1125 and 1190 bikes for street duty makes perfect sense. Buell’s not tied to Harley-Davidson for parts on the 1125 and 1190 bikes, whose motors come from Rotax. Who owns Rotax? None other than Bombardier, who allegedly made several offers to buy the Buell brand from Harley-Davidson before they shut it down. Bombardier has a line of ATV’s and three-wheeled motorcycles, so the addition of a two wheeled product line makes perfect sense. They already have established dealers, and my guess is that those dealers would show more than a little interest in selling Buell motorcycles. Last I checked, Bombardier didn’t derive the bulk of their income from selling t-shirts and logoed farkles, so their dealers would probably embrace a new product line instead of shunning it.

I’m getting ahead of myself here, and this is just speculation, but I really hope it comes to pass. Erik Buell has faced longer odds in his career, and I wish him all the best for the future. When there’s breaking news to report, you can be certain I’ll print it.

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