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Epic Build: ’69 Honda N360 Electric Conversion

Posted in Compact Cars, Custom, EcoLust, Electric Cars by Dustin Driver | February 2nd, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Every car nut dreams of building a custom ride, a one-off wonder that reflects its owner’s heart and soul. But not even the fantastic fever dreams of a madman could conjure this. The guys at Hector’s Chop Shop in Santa Rosa, Ca., are building an electric, rear-drive ’69 Honda N360.

The N360 was a Lilliputian Kei car, a 1,100-pound front-wheel-drive hatch with a 30-hoursepower 600cc twin. The thing was barely 10 feet from nose to hatch and only four feet wide. Forrest Koogle ¬†and the crew at Hector’s scored a pair of the tiny cars, sold one, and decided to convert the other to an all-electric driver/racer. They picked up a massive 60-horsepower D/C motor with ungodly amounts of torque and, well, things got crazy from there.

They planed to mount the motor to the existing drivetrain, but it didn’t fit under the diminutive hood. Then they tried to use an old VW GTI transaxle, but it was too wide for the tiny car. So they cut out the floor pan and stuck the motor/transaxle in the back. Of course, that required hundreds of man hours and tons of fabrication. There’s custom suspension cobbled together from stock, aftermarket, and homemade parts, new wheel wells, and lots of beautiful mandrel-bent steel tubing to reinforce the chassis. Koogle has documented the build at Hector’s site. It’s not quite finished, yet, but it’s getting close. It’s truly an amazing piece of work and well worth the read.

Via: Clunkbucket

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