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EPA Ordered To Reconsider State-By-State Emission Standards

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President Barack Obama signs executive orders on combating climate change during a ceremony in the East Room of the White House in Washington, January 26, 2009. Watching on is Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood (C) and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson.

This morning, President Obama introduced a preliminary plan of action for addressing the new fuel-efficiency and emissions standards approved/enacted by the Bush Administration. Specifically, Obama ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to revisit a request made by California (as well as 13 other states) to circumvent the Clean Air Act and impose harsher tailpipe emission regulations, ultimately intending to reduce all CO2 emissions a full 30% by 2016. Although in theory a environmentally-sound maneuver, California’s request was ultimately denied by the Bush Administration in 2007 out of fear that state-by-state, “patchwork” emissions standards could ultimately lead to the wasting of billions of dollars on vehicle reconfigurations.

Careful to clarify that his newest executive order is by no means a blow to the auto industry, President Obama explained in a brief press conference that his goals are, “…not to further burden an already struggling industry. It is to help America’s automakers prepare for the future.” Continued Obama, “We must ensure that the fuel efficient cars of tomorrow are built right here in the United States of America. Going forward, my administration will work on a bipartisan basis in Washington and with industry partners across the country to forge a comprehensive approach that makes our economy stronger and our nation more secure.” Eager to align themselves with the new, all-healing leader of the free world, shortly after Obama concluded his address, GM released an official statement proclaiming their enthusiasm for the new executive measures. “GM is working aggressively on the products and the advance technologies that match the nation’s and consumers’ priorities to save energy and reduce emissions. We’re ready to engage the Obama administration and the Congress on policies that support meaningful and workable solutions and targets that benefit consumers from coast to coast. We look forward to contributing to a comprehensive policy discussion that takes into account the development pace of new technologies, alternative fuels and market and economic factors.”

Source: Detroit News & General Motors
Image Cred: Reuters Pictures/Jason Reed

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