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English Senior Caught Speeding By Camera, Politely Accused Of Being A Man

Posted in Bizarre, Newsworthy, Road Trips, Roads, Traffic, Travel by Suzanne Denbow | September 23rd, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

Caught by speeding cameras doing 52mph in a 40mph zone, 59 year-old Kent native Pauline Synnott was dismayed when she received a traffic citation in the mail. Photographic evidence had clearly recorded her violating traffic laws, however, and Synnott reluctantly admitted to police in a responding letter that she was indeed guilty as charged. Prepared to pay the $100 fine and accept the three penalty points that would be assigned to her driving record, Synnott was shocked when she received a second letter from the police suggesting that she was misrepresenting herself as a woman.

According to an excerpt of the letter, published in The Sun, Kent Police, “From the copy of the photograph, it appears that the driver was male. I have therefore enclosed herewith a further set of forms and would ask you to complete them again with name of the driver.” [Pictures of Synnott in original article at TheSun.com]

Apparently, the vehicle Synnott was driving at the time she committed the infraction was registered to her partner, 65-year-old Roy Watkins, and her admission of guilt to the police didn’t jive with the driver information they had on file. Understandably, both Watkins and Synnott are outraged over the indignity, and Synnott especially is downright embarrassed over being mistaken for a man. Although the police apologized for the mistake, the couple is currently seeking “compensation”, and Kent officials have admitted they are “Working with the couple to resolve this matter.”

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