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Ener1 Predicts 50% Drop in Lithium-Ion Battery Costs

Posted in Alt Fuels, auto industry, Car Tech, Electric Cars, Fuel, Science by Vito Rispo | September 12th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

Battery manufacturer Ener1 has recently announced that they’ll be seeing a 50% drop in the price of lithium ion batteries as production increases. Statements indicate that the majority of the price decrease will come from scaling up manufacturing, and that it won’t happen until their dealing in hundreds of thousands of units. That means it’s a very optimistic prediction, to say the least.

Ener1 has also announced that they’re expecting two new development deals this year. They already provide the lithium ion batteries for Think’s City Car in Europe. But the CEO is promising that these deals will be with much larger car companies. And even though GM and Toyota and Mitsubishi already have their providers lined up, there are still quite a few car companies without a firm supplier of lithium-ion batteries.

Since the lithium-ion batteries are a significant part of the cost in hybrid cars, a 50% decline in price would mean a big drop in hybrid car cost.

Some automotive futurists have predicted that within ten years, every new car on the road will have a lithium ion battery pack. I find that a difficult prediction to make, considering the inherent dangers in lithuin ion technology and the advancements already being made with lithum-polymer and silver-zinc batteries and any unseen technologies that may arise. Still, it’s be good news if it happens.

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