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Emission Regulations For Trucks Announced

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The EPA and the NHTSA have announced emission regulations for medium and heavy duty trucks, ranging from heavy-duty pickups through semis. The regulations are the first of their kind, and require new standards to be met by 2018; the first changes go into effect in 2014. Since there isn’t a fair way to set MPG standards across the board for commercial and non-commercial trucks, the new regulations focus on grams of CO2 emitted per ton-mile.

By 2018, large commercial trucks (semis and their equivalent) will need to cut exhaust emissions by 20% from today’s levels. Diesel powered medium-duty trucks (heavy duty pickups, delivery vans, etc.) will need to reduce emissions by 15%, while their gasoline powered equivalents will need to reduce emissions by 10%. Finally, busses, motor homes, garbage trucks and similar vehicles will need to get 10% cleaner by 2018.

The new rules still need to be approved by the president, but this is little more than a formality since the Obama administration has been pushing for stricter regulations since taking office. Compliance in the initial years (2014 and 2015) would be voluntary for all groups, and a spokesman for the American Trucking Association seemed confident that the goals could be reached with existing technologies.

Source: Left Lane News

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